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Team To Beat..Just Ask The Mets!!

<3 Dobbs and Kendrick

2 January 1986
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Occupation:Customer Service Desk(Photo Lab Back Up)/Cashier/CSR/SCOT Attendant at a Supermarket
About Me and What I Like:Baseball,The Philadelphia Phillies,Atlanta Braves,MY NL EAST CHAMPS 07,Going To Phillies Games at Citizens Bank Park,Loving My Boys,Hanging out with my Friends,Listening to Music,Spending WAY too much time on the computer,Hating The NY METS

I Also Moderate 4 Myspace Groups (feel free to join):

You were taken from our team way before the time was up
You were taken from this world way before the time was up
You will be missed by the MLB Family and Fans
Rest In Peace Cory F.Lidle
March 22nd 1972- October 11th 2006

My Favorite Phillies(but i love them all i swear!):Chase Utley,Pat Burrell,Ryan Madson,Ryan Howard,Shane Victorino,Brett Myers,Cole Hamels,Carlos Ruiz,Wes Helms,Greg Dobbs,Kyle Kendrick

Miss Ya and Love Ya Robinson Tejeda,Matt Kata,Todd Pratt,Jim Thome,Gavin Floyd,Randy Wolf,Mike Lieberthal,David Dellucci,Aaron Fultz,Bobby Abreu,Aaron Rowand,Antonino Alfonseca,Mikey Bourn,Geoff Geary,

Jason Drew Michaels: ill be your fan no matter what team your on!

I Eat,Sleep,Breathe RED AND WHITE.. P H I L L I E S B A S E B A L L

4/15/04 America Got it Wrong.. Jon Peter Lewis is my american idol forever
4/28/04 A Class Act...let go John Stevens Lover Forever
5/9/04 The Best Final 2 in Survivor Evah: Amber and Rob M
5/24/04 I Love My Dork
9/21/04 Drew Won Big Brother 5
11/30/04 A Jepardy champ forever
5/11/05 I Love My Angel Anthony Forever "I May be a thousand miles apart but ill be with you wherever you are!"
5/25/05 Carrie Underwood is your new american idol.. for once america got it right
6/6/05 My best friend came back <3 i missed you!
9/28/05 My First Phillies Game at CBP.. Chase and Patrick hit me homeruns.. i saw jason play LF and PH and i saw gavin and ryan madson in Batting Practice
4/3/06 My First Phillies Opening Day.. Ryan and Pat there first Home Runs of 2006.. Lieber Sucked,Saw Aaron Rowands First Game as a Phillie(and his first at bat he hit a double),Nunez first game as a phillie(and he hit a double),and i got to boo Scott Rolen
5/3/06 Seeing My 2 Favorite Teams Play on 1 field.. Myers VS Smoltz Pitcher's Duel, Aaron Rowand Hit a Homeruns,Seeing David Delucci Start LF (us screeming we want pat),seeing B-Bug,Pratty,Jeffy and Ry Langerhans, and Kyle Davies at BP. and having maddy and gavin stand in frount of me at BP
5/22/06 Phillies Phestval.. I Got To see all the players and Coaches.. Get My Picture Taken with Chase,Gavin and Maddy.. and get Brett,Geoff,David,Cory,Harry The K,Cole,Varsho,Rhodes,Franklin,Maddy,and LA's Autograph.. and got to see Aaron!
7/22/06 Phillies Photo Day 06... HOT AS CRAP!! I got to shake almost everyones hand.. GOT MY PICTURE WITH AARON and he high fived me.. Got My Picture with Cory Lidle too.. and Ryan Howard Almost Broke my hand. First Time seeing Randy Wolf At the Park.. No Game cause it rained!
9/2/06 guess what it rained again.. played a good game till the 8th then arthor rhodes blew it for us.. Chase Hit 2 homeruns!
9/24/06 Fan Appreciation Day 06 agasnt the marlins (dan uggla and miguel cabrera) Chase hit me 2 more homers.. MVP MVP Chants.. 1st homer from jimmy and coste and the pat man! kicked butt.. my 1st jamie moyer game

Concerts i have been to:
July 27th 2003- American Idols 2 Tour (Philly Pa):Ruben,Clay,Kim L,Treynce,Carmen,Kim C,Rickey,Juila,Charlie
March 2nd 2004- Independent Tour(Philly Pa):Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson
August 27th 2004- American Idols 3 Tour (Philly Pa):Fantasia,Diana,Jasmine,Latoya,George,John,Jennifer,Jon,Camile
December 2nd 2004 Joyfull Noise Tour (Sewell NJ): Clay Aiken
May 28th 2005 Somewhere in the Sun Tour (Philly Pa): Kenny Chesney
July 19th 2005 American Idols 4 Tour (Reading PA) : Carrie,Bo,Vonzell,Anthony,Scott,Contantine,Anwar,Nadia,Nikko,Jessica

Phillies Games!! My Life

Sept 28th 2005 Philadelphia Phillies VS New York Mets (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA): Chase and Bobby hit 100 RBI's For the Season. Chase,Shane and Pat Hit HR and i saw Jason Michaels and Pat Burrells Butts in LF..

April 3rd 2006 Philadelphia Phillies VS St Louis Cardinals (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA): Jon Lieber VS Chris Carpender:Ryan Howards and Pat Burrell's First Homeruns of 2006. Aaron Rowand (double first at bat) and Abe Nunez First Game as Phillies. and saw gavin,ryan madson,and Brett Myers at BP

May 3rd 2006 Philadelphia Phillies VS Atlanta Braves (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA):Brett Myers VS John Smoltz: My First Aaron Rowand Homerun <3.. Saw Gavin,Maddy,Shane,Ryan H,and Rowand in BP,Andruw,Chipper,Davies,Mccann,Francoeur,Laroche,and PRATTY in BP, first game not seeing Pat starting, but he got to PH :-). and seeing BRETT MYERS pitch <3

May 22nd 2006 Philadelphia Phillies Phestival For ALS (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA): I Got To see All The Boys.. and they were all soo sweet and Aaron Rowand is as hot on tv is he is in person! and Chase and Gavin and Madson were soo nice to me

July 22nd 2006 Philadelpha Phillies Photo Day VS Atlanta Braves (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) : No Game It was Rained out for Sept 2.. But The Boys Got To Walk the Field.. I Met MR AARON ROWAND! and he highfived me.. and i shook almost everyones hand including Mr Ryan Homerun Derby/Rookie of the year Howard..

Sept 2nd 2006 Philadelphia Phillies VS Atlanta Braves (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) Jon Lieber VS Oscar Villareal: good game untill the the 9th when laroache hit a homer off rhodes.. Chase Hit 2 Homers thought.. First Game Seeing Costey Catch!

Sept 24th 2006 Philadelphia Phillies VS Florida Marlins (Citizens Bank Park Phlly PA) Jamie Moyer VS Scott Olsen: Cole Hamels Signed my Baseball then Aaron Rowand did! Jamie Moyer almost blew it but jimmy,chase and costey hit homeruns to give us the lead. Chase Hit Another one Later then Pat Did! "MVP MVP MVP" What a Game We Kicked butt got to see uggla and cabrera too!

April 2nd 2007 Philadelphia Phillies VS Atlanta Braves (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) Brett Myers VS Jon Smoltz: Jimmy Rollins Hit The First Home Run For The 07 Season.. Brett Myers First Opening Day Start (he had 9 strike outs) Ryan Madson Blew It in the 10th inning.. "MVP MVP" Wesley Rays First Game as a Phillie

April 29th 2007 Philadelphia Phillies VS Florida Marlins (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) Jamie Moyer Vs Wes Obermuller: Jamie Had a No Hitter Threw 6 (Miguel Cabrera Broke it up) and good offence and defence from the Phillies.My First Myers Game When He Was In The Bullpen

May 13th 2007 Philadelphia Phillies VS Chicago Cubs (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) Jon Lieber VS Ted Lilly: Worst Game Ever.. The Only Good Part was Watching Wes Make a Good Play at 1st.. Getting Our Chase Utley Blankets.. and The Drunk In Our Section Yelling "SORIANO SUCKS!!".. oo and sitting behind Pat Burrell (yummy)

May 14th 2007 Philadelphia Phillies VS Milwaukee Brewers (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) Jamie Moyer VS Dave Bush: Brewers Dominated Most Of The Game.. But The Phillies Came Back.. Burrell Hit a Homer and Wes Helms Had The Go ahead Hit.. and Brett Myers Saved The Game..

May 21st 2007 Phillies Phestival For ALS (Citizens Bank Park Philly PA): Met Wes Helms,Jayson Werth,Brett Myers,Ryan Madson,Michael Bourn,Carlos Ruiz,Jamie Moyer,Clay Condrey,Greg Dobbs,Chris Coste,Yoel Hernandez,Abraham Nunzez,and Francsio Rosario.... Got My Picture With Helms,Myers,Coste,Coste and Moyer..

May 30th 2007 Philadelphia Phillies VS Arizona Diamondbacks(Citizens Bank Park Philly PA) Jamie Moyer VS Randy Johnson: Batting Practice with Maddy "ITS THIS BIG" "HEY ERINE WHERES BERT!!" Battle of the Lefty's.. arr Wesley played first thats about the highlight of my night.. and the Phillies almost comeback in the 9th..

1st place in the Predition League at _bigbrother5

Idol Forums Keepers: Anthony Fedorov's dorkiness, Anthony Fedorov's high note during his performance of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and Anthony Fedorov's mouthing of "Fe Fi Fo Fum" during Sarah Mather's top 24 performance

I Clam Diana Degamo/Jasmine Trias/John Stevens (friendship) (American Idol 3)
Mandy- John Stevens(American Idol 3)
Music of my Heart- John Stevens(American Idol 3) in idol_claims

I Claimed
Rob Mariano
Drew Daniel at claim_ur_guy

I Claimed: Drew Daniel and Chris Pratt claimyourlover

I Claimed: Survivor All Stars (season 8) claim

I Clamed: Urbana Ohio,Rob&Amber,"I Survived You","Brass Bed",Drew and Ben Daniel and John Stevens claimeverything

I Clamed: Survivor All Stars,Rob Mariano&Amber Brkich's Relationship,Drew Daniel&Diane Henry's Relationship,Bright Abbot&Ephram Brown's Friendship,Lori Valenti&Will Wikle's Friendship,Diane Henry&Will Wikle's Friendship, Everwood&Big Brother Theme Songs,and The Whole Survivor All Stars season and 2 the reunion shows,Rob and Amber on TAR 7,Anthony Fedrodov,Anthony and Carries Friendship,Anthony's rockstar shirt and black hat,Both of Rob's Red Sox's Hats on the Amazing Race,Episodes 2&4 of the Amazing race 7 claim_tv

I Claimed Chase Utley,Jason Michaels,Ryan Howard and Ryan Madson at claimplayers
I Claimed Mike Lieberthal,Todd Pratt and Brian McCann at claim_a_catcher
I Claimed Billy Wagner,Cory Lidle and Ryan Madson at claim_a_pitcher MY PITCHERS!
I Claimed Pat Burrell,Ryan Howard,Chase Utley's Pinch Hit Grandslam 6/1/05,and Pat Burrell and Jason Michaels Friendship at mlbclaims
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I belong to mlbaddme

Keeper Of Carrie Mouthing "I Love you" to Anthony on 5-11-05

Corey And April are forever!

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Drew is Big Brother 5 love

Anthony Fedorov is Love.

Rob and Amber are Survivor All Stars Love
Made by screamy_mimi

American Idol Season 4 Top 12 is Love

Anthony Fedorov and Carrie Underwood Is The Next American Idol Love

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Chase Cameron Utley is Baseball Love PS:if you steal you die

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Jason Michaels,Chase Utley& Pat Burrell are Hot Phillies Love if you steel you die (credit to whos ever pictures i have)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Billy Wagner Time is the best part of the game

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Brian McCann Is The Only Reason to Watch the Braves love

~Rob Mariano and Amber Brikch fan forever~
~I Will Always Be a Anthony Fedorov fan~
~Philadelphia Phillies Girl~ I Love My Triple Threat Boys #22,#26,#5 FOREVER!
~I Love The Phillies Rat Pack FOREVER: Utley,Burrell,Michaels,Pratt~

Clays Angels: Corey,Jodie and April
I <3 my skanks:April,Jodie and Kristin,(abc order)
Rob and Amber fans forever:Corey and Kaitlyn

"Being a nerd really pays off sometimes."- Ken Jennings
"You have as much latin flare as a polar bear"- Simon Cowell To Anthony
"All you have to do is believe in life, and live it to it's full potential." - Anthony Fedorov

Corey: In a second life i wanna come back as anthony fedorov's microphone

Corey:a little less matt rodgers... a little more Jon Peter Lewis

Corey:Why Does Rob Mariano have to be soo damm sexy, Amber's lucky im a fan of hers

Corey: I wanna get lost in Jon's Rock and Roll
April: and drift awaaaay

Corey: Hold me closer you sexy pen salesman..

Corey:guess what im listening too
April:enter sandman? lol
Corey: yeah

Ryan Seacrest(to Clay): Not being Policaly correct thats my boy.

Ryan Seacrest: "Pensalesmen of America your leader is here."

Diane:Ben and Drew in the same room is too much hotness for me

Drew:Ready to see my HOH room... Diane:Only if you have a hot picture of Ben

Diane:Drew got a Miami t-Shirt..im like whoo go Miami

Diane:Sorry Vanessa,i got your man and i burnt your shirt

Cowboy:Drew got counting crows.. my type of music,not i was hoping for some Toby Keith

MLB.com: How many of Santa's reindeer can you name?
Lidle: Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen. How many is that?
MLB.com: Eight, but you named Blitzen twice and left out Dasher and Vixen.
Lidle: That's good enough.(cory is such a comic)

Some Dude From Cold Pizza: If You Weren't playing Baseball what would you be doing?
Chase: Working on Wall Street...Why Not?

"Theres nothing on the radio,aint nothing good at all when your not by my side"-Josh Gracin "Wheels"

"WHAT UP KAYSAR"- Janelle,Howie,Rachel

"oh and i dont know,dont know what hes after.. but hes so beautiful.. such a beautiful disaster"- Kelly Clarkson

"You have to be able to look in the mirror after every game and know that you gave it your all," "You never want to think, 'What if I ran harder?' or 'What if I didn't try to make something happen?"- Chase Utley

"He means a lot to our team," "You can see the confidence he has when he comes to the plate. He's fearless."- Mike Lieberthal about Chase

"He's going to be a hell of a player,"-Charlie Manuel on Chase Utley

"In a second life i wanna come back as Chase Utleys Baseball Bat"- Me

"Playing Hard,is the only way to Play"- Chase Utley

"He's a big reason why we are here,he's hit some big homers uhh late in games for us uhh and has contributed more then you know more then anybody would have thought .. Chase uhh in my mind i think in most of the guys around here..hes been most one of our most valuable guys"- Pat Burrell

"It's lovely right now umm you know were a one game back.... it should be fun is it fun for you guys "its a blast" Loving it lovin it right now"- Ryan Howard

"It must have something to do with this hair."- Jason Michaels

"If it wasn't for Ryan, we wouldn't have finished as well as we did. His play was indicative of how his career will be. He worked hard, played hard, and I couldn't be happier for him." -- Billy Wagner (on NL 2005 Rookie of the year Ryan Howard)

"I was real excited when I found out. I was overwhelmed with everything... I smiled from ear to ear."- Gavin Floyd when he was picked 1st round draft by the phillies

"I Suck right now.. plan and simple"- Jon Lieber on his 06 start being (0-4)

The "Perfect Days"
3/2/04,5/24/04,7/16/04,8/27/04,9/3/04,12/2/04,5/28/05,7/19/05,9/28/05,4/3/06, 5/3/06, 5/22/06,7/22/06,9/2/06,9/24/06,4/2/07,4/29/07,5/13/07,5/14/07,5/21/07,
8/28/07,9/12/07,9/25/07, and 9/30/07!!!

Trading Cards
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Date Created:3-2-03
Number of Posts: Lots

Name:Corey Age:20 Birthday:1-2-86 Job:Customer Service Desk *Baseball Girl *Phillies Girl *Chase Utley's Girl *Reality Tv Girl Baseball is well almost my life.. reality tv too WHAT UP KAYSAR! i love Big Brother,American Idol,Survivor,Amazing Race and thats about it i guess
Strengths: Friendly,Nice,Easy To Talk To,
Weaknesses: People Not bagging there groceries,Back Stabbers,People who talk behind your back,People who hate baseball,people that hate the phillies,people who dont like Chase
Special Skills: Fast Checker,
Weapons: Chase's Baseball Bat.... LOL
My Phillies:: Chase Utley,Aaron Rowand,Pat Burrell,Brett Myers,Ryan Howard,Ryan Madson and the rest of them.. exept Rhodes cause he just annoys me alot and i miss my jason!

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